I-WIN Advisory Services Ltd.
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Today, I-WIN Advisory Service Limited is a leading integrated, end-to-end solution provider across more than 7 sectors. The broad vision of the organisation is to create flourishing communities and to make dreaming big and operating out of world-class infrastructure a rural possibility. The network & goodwill garnered over the last 15 years and the diverse & expanding loyal client base have been the pillars of strength in I-WINs’ journey so far.

Spearheaded by the visionary Executive Director, Mr Tarun Kanti Das, the organisation has played a vital role in the development of many ground-breaking projects. Mr Tarun Kanti Das, a multi-faceted entrepreneur juggling several roles at the same time; possesses experiences in banking, tax, real estate, land, property, projects, businesses and strategic consultancy; bringing his unique vision into every project.