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Financial Advisory

Timely strategic financial advice is the key of all transactions that take place in today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape. We understand this and assist in identifying opportunities for, or risks to, our clients' interests, which accompany most Financial advisory (FA) engagements.

Our FA practice takes on an industry vertical approach. It draws upon its pool of experts in various industries and integrates this with its global knowledge base thereby delivering strategic and financial solutions to assist clients through every phase of the economic cycle.

Our integrated approach which involves combining our skills to develop well-rounded solutions based on a full understanding of our clients’ ambitions, business and environment extends a clear commercial advantage. Our edge lies in our ability to formulate multi-disciplinary teams and deploy the same at short notice to deliver results.

Our clients include corporate, large national enterprises, public institutions. We offer services in a number of industry verticals ranging from corporate finance, transactions, valuations, forensic & dispute resolution and reorganization with a focus on helping our clients increase value.