I-WIN Advisory Services Ltd.
  • About Iwin

Approach of I-WIN

The primary objective is to facilitate and promote orderly development of infrastructure projects in the States of the Nation in joint partnership with the public & private sectors.This essentially envisages external financing with minimal support from the State/ Central Government under suitably structured Public Private Partnerships. The Company is able to create innovative PPP structures for implementation of infrastructure projects.

  • I-win have developed expertise in 7 sector i.e. Urban Development, Industries, Agro Processing / textile/horticulture/agriculture, Energy, Tourism, Socio-Economic Development, Infrastructure.
  • I-WIN has been working in the field of providing Advisory Services since the past 15 years.

Under the overall objectives, IWIN, as a consultant is engaged in the following activities

  • Identifies projects that may be considered as a viable project in all respect technically and financially
  • Identifying state and central grants, incentives available for projects under consideration and prepare documents for applying for such grants and incentives.
  • Preparation of Area Development & Best Land Use Plans.
  • IWIN prepares project feasibility reports/techno-economic feasibility studies and proposes the best financial structuring, means of finance and appropriate vehicle for project ownership, implementation and subsequent operation. This vehicle may be Government owned purely private, public-private joint initiative etc.
  • Estimates engineering costs, provides design inputs and includes parameters so as to ensure creation of functional designs at optimal cost.
  • Understands the feasibility of creation of the infrastructure establishes the means of finance and prepares the Detail Project Report of the same.
  • When mandated, IWIN handles the entire Bid Management Process including preparation of offer and tender documents. The Bids are done in open and transparent manner, and none of the selections by IWIN till date have been questioned later on.
  • Market suitably packaged projects to potential domestic/ international investors. To do this IWIN prepares brochures, investment manuals and organize road shows, seminars, presentations etc.
  • Arrange finance for projects, by way of equity, loans and/ or guarantees from government, private sector, financial institutions, banks, and bi-lateral & multilateral agencies.
  • Provides Project Management Services to ensure timely completion of the projects.
  • Prepares details Development Control guideline for projects and also O & M guidelines.
  • Advises Governments on policy, legal and regulatory reforms required to facilitate flow of investments into projects
  • Financial Advisory Services incl. Divestment, acquisition & asset sale
  • Conducts complex logistic studies, Socio-economic Impact Assessment Studies
  • Also, wherever required, IWIN provides support services for procurement of land