I-WIN Advisory Services Ltd.
  • About Iwin


  • I-WIN has been involved in Integrated Digha Shankarpur Beachfront Area Development Project, World Bank Funded, estimated 100 crore project in West Bengal.
  • I-WIN has been involved in different infrastructure projects in India.
  • Having worked extensively in West Bengal in close conjunction with government and local industry, the Company has developed a large database on industry, infrastructure, trade and commerce in the state. It now acts as a one stop shop where all forms of economic data on the state is readily available.
  • The Company is able to create innovative PPP structures for implementation of infrastructure projects.
  • I-WIN ensures timely completion of projects within a pre-approved cost estimate.

  • Some of our outstanding achievements

  • Integrated Digha Shankarpur Beachfront Area Development Project
    TheBeach Beautification, Overall planning & Infrastructure development under ICZMP in Beachfront of West Bengal is a prestigious project for I-Win. This project is World Bank funded about 100 crores project. The Phase wise development has been done.
  • Manikanchan
    The Gem and Jewellery Park-the first Greenfield, operational Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in India. This Park is already functional with monthly exports of over Rs.50 crore. I-win was responsible from conception to completion of this project.
  • Development of Luxury Beach resort at Havelock Island Andaman
    WIN was appointed by Andaman and Nicobar Islands Integrated Development Corp (ANIIDCO) as Transaction Advisors for selection of PPP partner for World Class Luxury Beach Resort at Radha Nagar, Havelock on PPP basis. I-WIN prepared of Project Financial Report for development of a suitable project in the area of 44.5 acres on the beach front. I-WIN was responsible for marketing of the project and finally recommending the private developer. The assignment included preparing & negotiating BOT contract Agreement with selected party.Project awarded to TAJ group
  • Divestment of 74% equity stake in Andrew Yule Belting division to a strategic partner
    This was the first Successful Central PSU divestment to a strategic partner in India and was successfully completed in January 2000, many months before the Modern Foods and subsequent BALCO disinvestments. I-win was advisor to the Company for this divestment.
  • West Bengal North South Corridor
    The project involves building a multi model Transport Corridor, with suitable support infrastructure in the state of West Bengal. ADB funded the study for development of the project. The project is now under construction with ADB loan. I-win was executing agency on behalf of State Government for the study. This was the First time in India that a non-government agency was appointed as an executing agency on behalf of the government.